Air Con

Air Conditioning Service/Recharge

The majority of vehicles manufactured today come with air conditioning and climate control as a standard feature.

Despite the obvious benefits of cold air on a hot day, your A/C can also help with demisting your windscreen in the winter months.

Air con systems can lose refrigerant over time, so it's important to keep the system well maintained. Most manufacturers recommend the system is recharged and lubricated every 2 years.

We stock both R134a and the latest R1234yf refrigerant.

What we do when we service an air con system:

  • Full drain of old air con gas.
  • Full vacuum test of air con system to identify any possible leaks, this also aids removing any moisture in the system.
  • If the vacuum test fails due to a leak in the system we then test the system for leaks with nitrogen free oxygen.
  • If no leaks are identified, the air con system is then refilled with the correct amount of refrigerant gas.
  • New PAG oil is injected into the system. This step is often missed, however vital for long term maintenance.
  • Air con UV dye is injected into system (this aids detection of future leaks).
  • Full print out to keep with your cars records.

Air Conditioning decontamination

Occasionally you may notice bad odours coming from the air vents when your air conditioning is switched on. Your car may benefit from an air con clean, also known as a debug. Over time bacteria, mould and fungi can build up in the system which produces this unpleasant smell when switched on.

Our air con decontamination service cleans and disinfects your air con system.